March 6, 2024 - Organizing Breakfast + Coworking

From DWeb Vancouver

8:30am Breaky at Social Crust Cafe to discuss upcoming events

Reviewing the past year!

  • Open call for morning coworking hosts!
    • The 1x/month morning coworking that was scheduled at The Permanent won't be booked after March.
  • The evening tech socials at The Permanent are working well!
    • Questions for future events at The Permanent, to hash out - how many events/month are possible, under what conditions? (e.g. non-exclusive use).

Scheduled events:

To schedule:

  • DWeb Afternoon coworking (2-5pm) & Tech socials (5-8pm) > Target ~3rd Thursday of each month, Apr to June.
  • Community Garden Dinners (4-7pm, in summer)
  • DWeb Writeseshes (talk to Wesley)

Events in planning stages: