IETF 120 Vancouver

From DWeb Vancouver

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) are having their next meeting, IETF 120, in Vancouver. We've added it to the Calendar as an external event.

IETF 120 starts Saturday 20 July and runs through Friday afternoon, 26 July.

The IETF Hackathon and IETF Codesprint take place on the weekend. Events to help new participants get the most out of IETF meetings begin on Sunday afternoon. Participants should plan their travel accordingly. An introduction to IETF meetings provides an overview of how to prepare for and get the most out of sessions all week.

Hackathon / Codesprint

Hackathon and Codesprint pages aren't updated with Vancouver info yet. They are usually the Saturday/Sunday before the week of work starts. So, Saturday 20 July and Sunday 21st July would be the days.

Ideas: Potential Side Events

  • The Bluesky team is coming to town, so there may be specific Bluesky related hacking and presentations.
  • Talking about putting together one big evening social at The Permanent. May or may not have lightning talks or demos, or just purely be a social. Likely Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th
  • Screening of Machines in Flames and Ninth Floor


  • ILTF: Internet Local (Re-engineering?) Temporary Festival: A counter-conference? parallel track? local track? around the city for the week of July 19-28


HOFFNUNG 3000 asks: How do we organize ourselves in our social, artistic & theoretical communities? HOFFNUNG 3000 is not simply a festival but more of a process of organizing a festival, a festival that creates itself. Through each and every participant.


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