Vancouver Hack Day

From DWeb Vancouver

A one day event to learn about new-to-you tech, spend some time coding, and sharing what you've learned.


Sunday, April 7th

Venue: Z Space, Hamilton at W Pender


  • 9:30am Doors Open, get yourself setup
  • 10:00am Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:15am AT Protocol
  • 10:30am Local First Software
  • 10:45am IPVM Decentralized Compute
  • 11am Enhance
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • 5pm - 6:30pm Demos
  • 6:30pm - Food and Social


AT Protocol

Hosted by Wesley Finck

Some possible projects:

  • Open Frame for ATProtocol: Similar to Farcaster, allow an ATProtocol client to render an interactive frame from a link that meets an open graph schema, allowing for authenticated actions to take place inside the frame.
  • Subconscious / Noosphere integration
  • your idea here!

The Local First web

Hosted by David

Local first web applications ("LoFi") are collaborative applications that work offline and without any complicated server deployments. Today, I'd like to explore one of the key pieces of any application: User authentication. We'll look at how to connect the distributed world of user owned secure keys with traditional authentication methods like email, SMS or social logins and build a collaborative web application that works entirely in the browser.

Decentralized Compute with IPVM

Hosted by Boris

The Everywhere Computer helps you write and run serverless WebAssembly functions everywhere. Install a node on your machine and experiment with writing Rust, JavaScript, or Python functions that compile to WebAssembly.


Hosted by Brian

Server-side render web components with any backend (javascript, python, rust, etc). Build your entire app with accessible HTML. No JavaScript required...unless you want it!


This is an event from developers for developers with a basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. For the ideal hacking experience:

  • Bring your Windows, Linux or Mac laptop and charger (power plugs and WiFi will be available)
  • Be familiar with the command line of your operating system
  • Have NodeJS installed and the node, npm and npx commands available


Feel free to introduce yourself


If you'd like to give a 5 minute demo, please add your info to a slot below.


  1. Name / Link / Description
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