November 29th, 2023 Coworking

From DWeb Vancouver

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When: 2-5pm

Venue: The Permanent

Planning to attend

Feel free to add yourself to the list, as well as notes on what you might be working on.


Danny (The real Daniel)

  • Working on (Adding Patreon integration)


Found some new Mastodon resources

Did a demo of Commons Computer Cloudron and a general tour of Cloudron

Castopod is a Cloudron app that is ActivityPub enabled podcast hosting app

Are there good cheap VPS options?

  • Several of us have Hostinger VPS, but it's also overkill for single web apps
  • Some PaaS recommendations that are great for running single apps Render,, Railway

Mentioned Wildcard Person so clearly need to add it here

Yes to Ghost DwebYVR Install -- what domain should we put it at???

Talked to Ian Vanagas and Wesley Finck about investing locally among other topics. See Ian's Smart Young BC. Maybe: Peer Investing? To look at for January 2024.