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Cohousing refers to intentional, multi-family and often multi-generational communities where folks with aligned values can practice a more collective lifestyle together. East Van Cohousing puts it as "Village living in the 21st century".

The DWeb Vancouver network has a contingent of people interested in cohousing. Cooperative, collaborative living & building of homes meshes well with the DWeb Principles.

DWeb Cohousing Activities

We hosted the Housing Synergies event on November 29th, 2023 and presented an Intro to DWeb Vancouver Housing Synergies.

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Local Cohousing Pages


Various links to external resources. Please do turn resources into local pages for notes and quotes as makes sense. But also! Feel free to just throw interesting links in here.

Supernuclear: a Substack that shares and documents various things around cohousing in the US. SF based. Tagline is "How to live near (and with) friends

Dreamship shares their Co-Ownership LLC Agreement: open sourcing a US / California LLC model and operating agreement for shared ownership of housing

The Lifeboat Academy: a shared farm and place-based action-learning commons. Some unique models of participation.