Smart Young BC

From DWeb Vancouver

By Ian Vanagas

A strong indicator that BC is moving in the right direction is if smart young people are moving and staying here. Why this metric compared to something like economic health, output, GDP, HDI, debt levels, prices, cultural output, global awards, or something else?

Many of these factors are out of the control of the province, they are tied to the Canadian or Global decisions more so than the provincial decisions. Provinces don't have much say in banking, international trade, or foreign affairs. We must focus on levers we can control. All of these factors are downstream of people. People create the economy, form companies, manage companies, create culture, and entertain. Without smart people continuing to come to BC, the economy and culture will stagnate. At the point this happens, it is too late to change. Pre-emptive action is needed to prevent this stagnation.

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