January 25th, 2024 Coworking

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This was our first event of 2024. We ended up using upstairs as the coworking space. The TFT workshop met out by the servers -- which ended up being super crowded! But maybe we move talking down to eg. circle of chairs in bank vault or other configuration. Didn't need the tables, did need more chairs.

This space felt cozier for coworking and discussing across the tables. Do need more tables / chairs given attendance.

As part of switching to Tech Socials, we should actively move people downstairs. The noise upstairs got very loud / bad audio bounce.

Carl had some ideas about discussion groups and clusters of tables.

The Permanent team has already said we can / should use the entire main space for the social, so we'll plan for that. We'll keep upstairs as discussion / demos / sitting around tables, and move people downstairs -- and do name tags at the door etc.

Maybe: actively look at more food available or do something like ask people if they want to pre-order?

Tools for Thought Workshop

Wesley Finck hosted Tools For Thought Jam Event -- add your setup and other notes there

Sharing about Notes and Webrings and Community Search

Handuo (Telegram) and Boris Mann

Handuo is making Cascad3

Boris sharing his Journal and notes graph:

Look at Farcaster Social Protocol

Noosphere is being built by the Subconscious team

Tools for Thought Rocks is a community that Boris has helped run:

Call for Venues

Novus could use space for ~30 people to meet with tables / chairs / wifi / power on Saturdays

Weston is looking for space for 40 - 60 people VanRuby/Request For Meetup Venue

Add to our community collection of Venues for events of all kinds!

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