Tools For Thought Jam Event

From DWeb Vancouver

There has been an explosion of note-taking applications in the past few years, with Notion entering mainstream adoption. They all promise better productivity, deeper learning, clearer writing, and so on.

Is there merit to any of these claims? Or is it mostly product marketing hype?

This event is an open space to discuss "tools for thought (TfTs)" and "personal knowledge management (PKM)". We can share personal workflows, different applications, and anything else.

Whether you are a seasoned TfT veteran or a die-hard google docs user, this event will be packed full of insight and hopefully will leave you with some practical tools to transform the way you think, learn, and write.


  • Wesley Finck
  • Boris Mann: I use LogSeq, TiddlyWiki, Obsidian, and Subconscious in the quest for the perfect TFT workflow
  • Ian Vanagas
  • Anish: I use vimwiki+vim-zettel, and a suite of tools / scripts I wrote. Super interested in weasving together external context and other's wiki together.
  • Dawn: Currently Nextcloud+LogSeq, Zotero, Pandoc (with combo of citeproc or latex) and scripts, Anki for flashcards, and haven't settled on an annotation app on tablet. Previously Atom and handcrafted Bibtex files (never again) for longform writing.


Wesley Finck is the host, register here

Part of January 25th, 2024 Coworking