VanRuby/Request For Meetup Venue

From DWeb Vancouver

Weston Triemstra lead organizer for VanRuby, is looking for a venue to host meetups:

Hosting the VanRuby meetup would be an opportunity to showcase your space to a lot of established software developers and organizations in the Vancouver community.

We had previously used a space generously donated by Unbounce downtown for many years, however that space is no longer available.

We have not met since May of this year (2023), and our normal meetup frequency would be every 2 months or longer.

You can see our website here:

The meetup here:

The meetup has been running since 2007.

As you can see we have 2589 members in our Meetup and we’d include a kind thanks (w/ logo, description) to your organization for donating the venue in our communications with members about upcoming events.

We would normally also have sponsors for pizza and beverages (sometimes beer if that works for your space).

We normally meet Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

We normally meet a 4-6 times a year pre-covid, but I’m open to a regular schedule if that secures a space.


  • looking for low cost / free space
  • want food / beverages allowed
  • need a projector
  • need seating
  • 40 - 60 people
  • could be monthly, or 1 - 2 times per quarter