Vancouver DWeb Social

From DWeb Vancouver

When: January 25th, 2023

Where: The Permanent


Did you know that the Internet Archive now has a Canadian edition? And that they have an amazing space in downtown Vancouver that supports everything from servers to socials?

​Join the Fission team & Internet Archive Canada at The Permanent for an evening of presentations, lightning talks, and the first of hopefully many sociotechnical conversations connecting the Decentralized Web in Vancouver and beyond.

​If you’re interested in tech, open source, decentralization, policy, or any similar sociotechnical topics, come join us!


6pm - Doors open

​Presentations will start promptly, followed by Q&A.

6:30pm - An overview of Check My Ads, Claire Atkin

​Claire is the cofounder of Check My Ads, the adtech watchdog. Check My Ads is dismantling the disinformation economy via the 400 billion dollar digital advertising industry. They have taken millions of advertising dollars from Steve Bannon, Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, and other insurrectionists. This summer they launched a campaign to defund Fox News’s website for brand safety violations regarding election disinformation.

6:45pm - The Big World of the Fediverse, Blaine Cook

​Blaine was a founding engineer at Twitter, and at one time had code running that made it interoperable with other networks. Fast forward 15 years, and we’re witnessing an explosion of of interoperable, standards based social networks and messaging platforms. Blaine Cook will give a tour of the wide world of the Fediverse as it is now, as well as some of the work he’s doing at Fission.

7:30pm Social

​We’ll wrap up with community announcements and then adjourn for refreshments and conversation.

Follow Up

Thanks everyone for coming to the first DWebYVR Social at The Permanent.

Thanks to the Internet Archive Canada, Executive Director Andrea Mills, and GM Louisa Cohen for hosting!

Fission sponsored your drink tickets and snacks, check the Webnative SDK for building great DWeb apps, or drop by the Fission Discord to say hi.

It’s short notice, but Emily and Boris are hosting a DWeb YVR planning session tomorrow at Deville’s Coffee. Come join if you want to help organize and collaborate on DWeb related events in Vancouver.

You can subscribe to future events in the Calendar. You can also submit events to share.

We’ve got some videos of our two talks up, currently on Loom so we can get a transcript, they’ll be uploaded elsewhere for more public sharing, but we wanted to get them out to you.

And here are all your community announcement links:

Get in touch with Boris if you've got more feedback. See you at future events!