User Profile Template

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To use this template, select the "Edit" function and you will see the text that you can copy/paste into your user profile page. Please don't mess with the template unless you have substantive improvements to make! :)

Need help with the formatting? See the How to Edit quick guide.

Template below

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NAME is a THIS at THAT, doing ALL THE THINGS. More things about NAME. Maybe with some links?


  • Seed a page for any of your associated organizations or with the double square brackets [[ ]]. If the page is not created yet, it will show up as red with a strikethrough. Double click the link to go to create that page.


  • Place 1 [ insert your link here ]
  • Place 2 [ insert your link here ]
  • and so on...

Insert the "Category:Person" in double square brackets in order to have your user profile listed on the Person page.

PSST! To edit the display title of your user profile, you need to use the DISPLAYTITLE: text which you'll see at the header of this page in the 'editor' view. Replace the name of this page with your preferred display name.