The Beaumont Studios

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Address: 316 West 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Artist gallery/studio space and fashion consignment store.

The Beaumont was established in 2004 by artist Jude Kusnierz, as an open and supportive environment for a wide variety of creative professionals. Being a full-time professional artist for over a decade, Jude’s goal was to create a unique environment where artists, like herself, could work in a beautiful, safe, reasonably priced, positive and upbeat environment, a place that would offer opportunity for growth, mentoring and cross-pollination of ideas and business.

Venue Details

Two venue buildings

1) A lounge hall with two long barstool tables plus couch seating. Capacity: 20-40 people.

2) A larger building with a projector and fold seating adjoined to the main space. Capacity: ~150-200 people.

Both can be rented together for small-scale conference events.


Contact Luke Summers, the director of operations.

luke at

604 817 4884

Honest To Pete's Coffee Roaster


There is a small operation attached to the building run by a guy called Pete who roasts and brews mean coffee. Highly recommend giving Pete some love. I'm sure if we host anything there people will be content with the coffee and he'll be content for business.