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We plan monthly Tech Socials, an afterwork happy hour right after the afternoon DWeb Coworking sessions.

Meetups and groups that regularly attend:

  • Novus Saturday meetings for builders
  • Van-Techies a casual tech meetup group, Discord server, tech talks, Papers We Love
  • Cosocial Canadian digital services co-op running a Mastodon server and other Fediverse services


Venue Sponsor: Pretend Wine Bar

Pretend Wine Bar Logo @pretendwinebar on Instagram

The Permanent runs a pop-up natural wine bar Wednesdays - Fridays. We're hosted by them, upstairs in the coworking space. Follow them on Instagram @pretendwinebar »

Want to sponsor some snacks or collaborate in some other way? Get in touch!


February 15th, 2024


Bring your stickers! Does your company, favourite open source project, or local illustrator have stickers? Bring them for a sticker exchange to celebrate Vancouver's creativity. Gotta catch 'em all!

Facilitated discussion. After coworking upstairs, we'll be moving the tech social downstairs to the main space, or continued quiet discussion, demos, and so on upstairs. Join a table group for facilitated discussion, or network to meet new people one on one.

March 28th, 2024



Jan 25th, 2024

Weston pitches VanRuby --> VanRuby/Request For Meetup Venue