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Ready to contribute to this website? is hosted on MediaWiki. You can Google to your heart's content the in's and out's of editing on MediaWiki, meanwhile, here are a few quick-start tips:

Create an Account

Create an account in order to modify this site - click the person icon in the top right of the screen and follow the prompts.

Make a New Page

There are several ways to make a new page on MediaWiki. Possibly the easiest is to enter the desired URL for a page that doesn't exist yet into your address bar. You will be taken to that URL with no content, and you can use the edit function to populate that page with what you want it to say.

Using square brackets around a word creates a [[wikilink]]. Creating a wikilink in-text and then clicking on it will also take you to create a new page.

Backlink New Pages

What good is a page no one knows about? Once you've added a new page, it helps to backlink it in relevant places to make it easier for others to find.

Even if you don't though, it will still show up in the All Pages index view of the site.

Create Your User Page

Now that you have an account, tell the world about yourself! You can copy/paste the content from this User Profile Template.

MediaWiki Text Styling

Formatting your text makes it easier and more fun to read! Wikis use the wikitext markup syntax to control text formatting - refer to the MediaWiki Cheatsheet for guidance on how to do things like italics, bold, headings, and links.

The Visual Editor lets you easily add styling with the menu bar options.

Screenshot of the Visual Editor on this page
Screenshot of the Visual Editor on this page

Edit Sidebar Navigation

Follow the instructions here: