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We host regular coworking sessions in either a 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm slot a couple of times per month. Everyone is welcome to drop-in, bring a laptop and work alone or in small groups. We usually do a small round of introductions on what everyone is working on, and share and discuss other topics.

There is wifi and power at the venue, and you can take calls in the bank vault.

Register for Coworking

Please register to let us know you're coming. The Calendar has the list of upcoming events. Tech Socials happen immediately following the afternoon coworking sessions.

February 2024

Morning coworking, Wednesday, Feb 5th, 10am - 1pm: https://lu.ma/dwebcoworking-feb5th-2024

Afternoon coworking, Thursday, Feb 15th, 2-5pm: https://lu.ma/dwebcoworking-feb15th-2024

March 2024

Morning coworking, Wednesday Mar 6th, 10am - 1pm: https://lu.ma/dwebcoworking-mar6th-2024

Afternoon coworking, Thursday, Mar 28th, 2-5pm: https://lu.ma/dwebcoworking-mar28th-2024


Thank you to the Internet Archive for hosting many of our events at The Permanent. We are documenting other Venues that are a good fit for DWeb and related events.


We make notes pages for coworking so people can talk about what they're going to work on, and we can keep notes on interesting topics that came up.