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The Permanent is the physical headquarters of Internet Archive in Canada at 330 West Pender Street in Downtown Vancouver, just a block from the DCTRL hackerspace.

Erected a century ago, the venue is named after the BC Permanent & Loan Company, which first opened its doors in 1907. In 1935, the Bank of Canada called this place home, leaving its mark for decades to come. Recently, The Permanent was completely restored, bringing a landmark, heritage space back to the community.

The original Bank of Canada vault door still stands tall at the head of our main hall, with the jaw-droppingly beautiful stained glass atrium over head. Other neo-classical elements are adorned through out - in the crown mouldings, the bronze chandeliers, and the many tile mosaics. State of the art equipment has been installed through out as well as a custom 16 foot heritage bar.

Black and white photo of a close cropped front of the Permanent. Windows have stencils that read Bank of Canada. There are 9 people in business suits standing on the steps.
Historic photo of The Permanent as Bank of Canada Branch

Pretend Wine Bar

The Permanent hosts Pretend Wine Bar, a pop-up natural wine bar, Wednesday - Friday evenings. Tech Socials are hosted by them, third Thursdays of the month.



Please see Organizing a DWeb event and follow the steps there ahead of checking for availability. We want to make sure that we have all the information to share on what kind of event you want to hold.

Commercial Venue Rental

The Permanent is also available for commercial venue rental - check their website for details and their Rental FAQs here.