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The Stolon Mesh is a project being run by 221A to bring a wireless Mesh Network to Chinatown and the DTES.

this mesh begins as a stolon (a community mesh network) will see the design, development, and building of a mesh network within Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Inspired by 221A’s x̱aw̓s shew̓áy̓ New Growth《新生林》garden, this project will take the time to consider strategies for expanding and developing this necessary infrastructure in ways that are both responsive and responsible to the surrounding community. Pulling from strategies found within plant systems and networks, the project aims to take advantage of the foresight offered by having both the time and space to consider the ways in which a MESH might be introduced, constructed, and utilized by the community.

Several DWeb YVR people are volunteering with the project.


Semi-Public Garden Node

221A's x̱aw̓s shew̓áy̓ New Growth《新生林》garden on Union Street is live. Jacob Sayles got it up and running and configured.

coFood Garden Node

Jacob Sayles installed the node with Emily McGill.

The node is running in the coFood Garden on top of the container garden. It has line of site to a reflector on the balcony at The Artiste, and then through a wall to a router in a hair salon.

TODO: add some photos

Permanent Node

A node at The Permanent. Discussion in progress.


Rithika is doing some scouting.

Wilder Snail

220 E Georgia Alley Node

  • the 221A building down the alley from Semi-Public

Van Hack Space

  • Boris ping Richard about this - should be able to set something up that covers Woodland Park nicely