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If you've got an event already planned, and are just looking for a venue, see Venues for a curated list of local venues.

We help curated events that have some limited no-charge space available at The Permanent. Events that we support and help promote fall into these types of things:

  • a community or non-profit event: if you're a company organizing an event, you should be able to find a paid venue
  • follow DWeb Principles: these are pretty broad and not limited to "just tech" -- eg our interest in supporting Cohousing
  • no charge or low cost: we do request that you run ticketed events so you have contact details of people coming into the space. If you charge for tickets, this should go to good causes, pay for drinks & snacks, and not primarily be revenue

If you're just thinking about an event and trying to find collaborators, feel free to follow the guide below and use this wiki web space to do your notes and planning.

Write up an Event Description

Make a page here on the wiki with a bit of an outline of what you want to do, and maybe some notes on what's needed. Venue? Speakers? Sponsors?

Add it to the Planning category.

Find Collaborators

Announce it in the Signal chat and see if someone wants to work on it with you.

Create an Event

You can use whatever platform you like to create the event. We use Luma by default to manage the DWeb Calendar

Submit to the DWeb Calendar

Follow the instructions on the Add events to the DWeb Calendar page. Keep it unlisted if you don't have date / venue confirmed yet.

We can then ask The Permanent or other Venues about their availability, and share the event page with all the information to give them context on what kind of event you want to host.