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Connecting people, projects and protocols to build a decentralized web

The DWeb Community is an initiative guided by the Internet Archive.

This is the Vancouver BC regional DWeb Node. You can browse the other regional nodes on the DWeb site.

We believe in the DWeb Principles.

Nodes are for establishing a local hub for conversations and networking around DWeb projects. They serve to educate, share knowledge, and connect people of diverse backgrounds interested in building a better web. They are not for companies to promote their products. Please consider who else in your area would be involved in this node.


This is a volunteer organization which collaborates on a variety of projects. Browse the people who have publicly listed themselves.

Our current focus is on booting up DWeb activities in Vancouver. We do this by managing a community Calendar and taking turns in hosting DWeb Coworking at The Permanent.

We welcome additional people, protocols, and projects to get involved and organize more events and activities, as we build shared platforms.

Get in touch to participate, all are welcome.