February 5th, 2024 Coworking

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Notes for the Feb 5th Morning Coworking

Intro yourself, your projects, or leave notes / links on things you discussed.

We had an oops around scheduling at The Permanent, so we moved to the top floor of the VPL: VPL Main Branch

Ivar came and talked about things he's doing out west of White Rock.

Bring Your Own Server

Cloudron - The DWeb mediawiki runs on it, Boris uses it for Cosocial and at home

Coolify - A Docker Swarm based self hosting

Everywhere Computer

Did a demo of https://everywhere.computer


A sufficiently decentralized open social protocol https://www.farcaster.xyz/

Farcaster Frames puts apps inside social feeds

Apple Vision Pro

Alternate options Kura https://www.kura.tech/

Other Links and Resources

Apple Social Recovery - https://support.apple.com/en-ca/102608

Sharing about Cosocial using Castopod: an ActivityPub enabled podcast platform. Join the working group if you want to take part.

Portable / small hardware for home or portable - Lenovo m900 Tiny - there's a link there for refurbished purchases from Amazon Canada

Vim Clutch https://github.com/alevchuk/vim-clutch